1st Announcement
Meeting on "African Cultural Astronomy" in Ghana.
The First Workshop on Theories, Methods, and Future Collaborations in
African Cultural Astronomy
March 27- April1, 2006
Cape Coast, Ghana
Cultural Astronomy is an interdisciplinary research area that
encompasses the many relationships between humans and the sky including
archaeoastronomy, ethnoastronomy, history of astronomy, and how
astronomy has inspired humanistic expressions.
The Edward Bouchet Abdus Salaam Institute, the National Society of Black Physicist, the
University of Nigeria, and the University of Cape Coast announce the
first workshop on the cultural astronomy of Africa.
Call for Papers and Indication of Interest
The organizers are seeking abstracts for presentations on the latest
research results and reports of projects in progress. Abstracts should
be less than 500 words and should clearly state your research
hypothesis, method of data collection, and major results. We are
interested in literary studies, artistic analysis, oral histories,
archaeological, and anthropological research. Abstracts can be written
in any language, but a translation into English should be included.
Abstracts are due December 1^st , 2005, with notification of acceptance
by January 1^st , 2006. If you are interested in attending the workshop
please send an email to Dr. Holbrook, holbrook@u.arizona.edu
Cape Coast, Ghana, and the March 29^th Eclipse
This workshop coincides with the total solar eclipse that passes
directly over Cape Coast, Ghana, on March 29th. Viewing the eclipse will
be the focus of March 29^th , a celestial event that has been
acknowledged in a variety of ways in African cultures. Cape Coast is
famous for its beaches, resorts, slave castles, and their university.
Cape Coast is within an hour of the Kakum animal reserve with its seven
suspension bridges in the treetops that allow visitors to view the
animals below. Ghana is an English speaking country. Visas are required
for travel for United States and most other citizens.
Abstracts should be mailed or faxed to:
Dr. Jarita Holbrook
Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology
Haury Anthropology Building Room 316
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721-0030
FAX: 1+520-621-9608
Emailed Submissions will be accepted at holbrook@u.arizona.edu
or astroholbrook@yahoo.com
 Email attachments will not be opened, please send the abstract as part of the email in plain text format.